We all have different needs and reasons to use our phone.  Perhaps you use a lot of minutes calling friends, relatives, & business associates, while your children seldom call but constantly text.  Perhaps your husband spends all his time using the phone to reach the internet.  Well, we have customized affordable, prepaid plans to serve the entire family’s needs.  Unlike other carriers, we can provide EXACTLY what you want and need!  Take a look at a full selection of all the great Virgin Mobile Plans below!

Virgin Mobile’s Paylo Plan….By far the most popular plan available!

Virgin Mobile Port Charlotte Paylo plan

And here is a complete selection of all our other affordable, UNLIMITED PLANS and select the one that is best for YOU!

Port Charlotte Virgin Mobil Unlimited Plans

Port Charlotte Virgin Mobile 40 Min
Port Charlotte Virgin Mobile 30 Min
Port Charlotte Virgin Mobile 20 Min

If you prefer, call us or drop by!  We’ll have you up ‘n running in NO TIME !